Question regarding Monster cables...

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Is it REALLLLLY worth getting Monster brand cables vs. other high-end
cables that The Source may sell (Acoustic Research, NexxTech, etc).
Huge price difference.  I was thinking that for analog cables such as
component and s-video you may see some difference....but for a pure
digital cable such as an HDMI one - is there any worthy difference to
justify the cost?

Re: Question regarding Monster cables...

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Most home theatre enthusiasts will tell you that Monster cable is overpriced
for the quality it gives.  It's roughly at the same level as most companies,
but sales people at various stores are pressured to sell them over others,
and pressured to tell you that Monster is far and away the best product out
there.  Monster also enters into deals with stores so that they carry mainly
Monster products, and so people can't even compare different brands.  Next
time you're at a store, ask if you can demo Monster cables and equivalent
cables from another brand, just so you can see the difference.  I can almost
guarantee you they won't let you.

At any rate, whether component, S-video or HDMI, most of these companies
have very similar-quality products.  Just make sure the video cable has a
nominal impedence of 75 Ohms and you should be fine with whatever you
choose.  I've got Acoustic Research component video cables for the DVD
player going to my TV, and the video quality is superb.

Good luck!


Re: Question regarding Monster cables...

I agree with vij...Monster is overpriced, period.

I also use the AR cables and am very pleased. (BB has both: Monster 8'

RCA = $40, AR 12' RCA = $19)

Sure some folks like esoteric cables and there are whole forums devoted

to only that. But these are the 1% that the other 99% of us can ignore.




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Re: Question regarding Monster cables...

jeff wrote:
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I'm an AR guy myself.  For the price, you can't beat 'em.  They are
contructed solidly, give great performance and as you noted, they are
significantly cheaper than Monster.

Re: Question regarding Monster cables...

Waste of money, period.

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