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I have a relatively crude home theatre setup by modern standards but it
makes my ears and eyes happy.  I have an old RXV-990 reciever and a
wall full of mirage speakers, a nice subwoofer and nicer rears.  My
wife left and took the DVD player.  So I need a new DVD player and
thought it would be nice if it was a Combo VCR also since the kids like
to watch their Baby Genius videos...

But all the DVD players I can find (haven't had time to look everywhere
yet) have only an optical output for the 5.1 format.  My old reviever
needs indepent RCA inputs for each channel.  Is there a relatively
inexpensive DVD player out there that will meet my needs?  Thanks, Jerry

Re: Question for you Home Theatre Veterans

No Twilight wrote:
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Just plain DVD/VCR combo for less than 100.00 will have composite output
jacks.(r-w-y) Like LG, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.

Re: Question for you Home Theatre Veterans

The 990 required the use of an external processor to decode the sound
before sending it to the Yam for amplification.

There are Universal DVD players that will do the processing. Mine does
that for
SACD and DVD-Audio music disks. I let my receiver decode the
DD/DTS sound tracks
of movies. But I doubt you'll find a DVD/VCR combo
player that will do it.

There were planty of external processors on the market back in the late
Maybe try to find one of these on ebay...

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Re: Question for you Home Theatre Veterans

Thanks.  Your reply lit up the little light bulb in my brain.  I
remember now that when I bought the reciever I kept looking for a deal
on an AC-3 decoder.  Buy my laserdisk player had individual rca outputs
and then I bought a sony dvd player with individual outputs and never
got one. Now I see they are selling on ebay from cheap to not so cheap.
 A couple sold for $20 just before I looked and now the ones on there
are a little more expensive--perhaps people reading this thread???

Anyway, I'll pick one up on ebay and probably have the best sound I've
ever had.

Ok, followup question.  I'll need an optical cable from the DVD player
to the AC-3 decoder.  Is there much difference.  Since the signal is
digital, I would think there wouldn't be any losses.  They sell for
$.99 on ebay and $60 for a monster cable optical link in circuit city.
Any guidance?  Thanks, Jerry

Re: Question for you Home Theatre Veterans

I seriously doubt there is any difference between cables. Some how
thought, $1 sounds like a rip off. Acoustic Research (AR) cables are
reasonably priced and have given me very good service. Recommended.
Monster is always over priced.

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