Projector Lift

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I am planning to build a projector lift and need to fit it into a fairly
narrow ceiling space.   The commercial model that appeals to me most is the
Chief Smart-Lift 236 but I need to get a bit more information about how
their lifting arms are kept in sinc (geared?) and particularly how the
bracket system works so far as the raising and lowing goes.   Is this by way
of a system of wire or straps through some sort of pulley arrangement or is
there a lever system operated by a linear actuator?   If anyone can provide
me with a few clues then I may be able to develop a modified system to work
in my house.   They need 11 inches of ceiling space (minimum) and I have 8
1/2 to 9 inches at best.

Any suggestions or recommendations, as to how I might best attack this
problem, will be appreciated.   Is there anyone with knowledge of the
Smart-Lift 236 that can answer these questions (or even append a photograph)
then please respond through this newsgroup.



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