Plasma Screen and PC use

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Hello all,

I have connected my PC to my home theater including my plasma screen.
One of the uses I have is online gaming which lasts hours sometimes.

I noticed today that when I am showing anything with a white
background, I can faintly see the imprint of the game menus and
buttons that never change or move while playing.

Is this permanent?  What can I do to remove it if possible and how do
I handle this issue in the future so as not to make it worse?



Re: Plasma Screen and PC use

Azm wrote:
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Dear Azm,
You have my condolences.  The largest drwback to plasma screens is that
they are subject to burn-in, as you have discovered.  I am afraid that
there is nothing you can do to relieve this situation, other than
replacing the plasma set with an LCD or a DLP, which are immune to this
malady.  It is the principal reason that I did not buy a plasma TV.

Good luck.  I'm sure that some participants in this group will suggest
various voodoo remedies for this, and that you, in desperation, will
try them.   But, in the end, you are stuck with the burn-in.


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