Pioneer, Panasonic or LCD

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I am in the market for a 40-45 inch diplay.  Popular opinion at most of

the high end home theater stores is that the Pioneer Elite 930 is the
way to go; especially for movies.  I was nearly convinced until I
finally saw it side by side with a Panasonic TH-42PX500U.  To my eye,
the Panasonic actually looks better and costs about $1500 less.  I am
talking about out-of-th-box on both.  I'm sure both could look better
when adjusted.  The reviews in popular magazines on both are good.  Any


On a different note, I also looked into the 45 inch Sharp Aquios LCD.
It can display 1080 unlike the plasma.  I thought the higher resolution

was great but the picture looked a bit more artificial and two
dimentional.  In the end I thought I'd rather watch a 720 plasma than a

1080 LCD.  I was also a little turned off by the reports of LCD's
inability to handle fast motion as well as a plasma.  What do others

Re: Pioneer, Panasonic or LCD wrote:
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Not considering price, Plasma has an upper edge for the time being on
picture quality(as well as what you mentioned). But LCD will catch up
soon. If you are buying now, Plasma, if you can wait a year or so, then
I'd go for LCD. Currently I have Panasonic Plasma sets. Next will be LCD
for sure.  Plasma consumes more power compared to same size LCD.

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