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I just bought a new Sony Home theater system. I also have an XBox 360.
I used a an optical audio cord to connect the two and it worked great
at first then after a few days the sounds just cut out while i was
playing a game. So i checked to see that the cord was connected
properly and when i pushed and the cord slightly the sound came back.
Now a week or so later it happened again and it seems to be properly
inserted but no sound.. All the reciever says is unlock but i am not
sure what that means

Re: Optical audio port

whittho@gmail.com wrote:

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Fiber optics, including plastic one you got are susceptible to (in no
particular order):
dirt/dust particles -> disconnect, blow end and the jack with canned air.
if no improvement, wipe end with 90%+ alcohol, them blow with air.

over-bends -> as in cable coiled too tightly or bent around a sharp
corner. Straighten the cable as much as possible. See if a piece of
equipment is standing on the cable, move it.

eccentricity of connected fibers -> disconnect, re-seat connector with

If none of the above works, try to replace the cable and see if that fixes
the problem. If not - invoke warranty repair.

Good luck!


Best Regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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