Opinion on Denon AVR-686 or 687

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Could use some recommendations on modern equipment based on what I have
described below.

Not doing much with receivers in the last 20 years or so, I hear that
Denon is considered one of the best for home theaters.  About a year
ago I was led to the AVR-686.  It seems to have everything I want, but
it is quite a bit less than many of the other Denon recievers.  Many of
the Denon home theater receivers seem to jump to over $1,000 for
reasons I don't seem to see.

I want to have the 7.1 capability (although I will probably start with
setting it up as a 5.1).  I have 2 DVD players (one that goes between
my Motorola DVR cable box and everything else) and a separate one that
I don't use much.  I have a VCR and a CD.  That's it.  I use an old
Kenwood KRV-107R receiver with Bose 2 speaker/subwoofer combo now.  The
reason I am looking at a new receiver is that I have a devil of a time
understanding the  words on TV programs.  Part of it is age, I know.
But it is also room acoustics and the sound content of many of the
programs (with built-in background noise and holographic effects) I am
thinking that the receiver does not handle the new "processed" sound
coming from the new shows very well.  Older movies are easier to
understand the words.

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