Opin ions please - DLP or LCD?

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I will be doing a lot of gaming so plasma is out. I just wonder if anyone
that actually has a DLP or LCD set would care to comment on their
experiences? Thanks.

Re: Opin ions please - DLP or LCD?

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I've used a DLP front projector and it's great. I haven't used a DLP regular
TV or an LCD tv, but from what Ive read DLP has better black levels, and
higher performance, but are more expensive, and tend to be bigger and
heavier. LCDs have come a long way in the black level dept rivling DLP's,
but typically can't go as high of a resolution as DLP's one draw back to
DLP's is some people see the "rainbow effect" which is due to teh color
wheel inside that mkaes the colors off the DLP chip (although in newer TV's
they use faster color wheels, and some even use individual chips for all 3
colors) I'd say go watch a bunch of TV's at best buy, circuit city or
whereever and see if you any draw backs (rainbow effect on DLP, or black
levels on LCD)

also a side note, plasma burn in is SORT OF a myth. it won't really happen
in games unless you pause the tv for long periods of time or leave a game on
with say a life meter or map in the same spot for 10's of hours. plasmas are
most suspetable to burn in during teh first 50 hours of use, and a lot fo
TV's ahve burn in protection such as screen savors to stop that from
happenning. do a little digging on google and then go watch a bunch of TV's.


Re: Opin ions please - DLP or LCD?

RKRM wrote:
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         I got to spend a few hours with my brother in laws new dlp tv.
 He was getting programing over a comcast cable setup.  Whenever the
picture showed large white or solid collors that area seemed to
shimmer.  The effect was much like the video noise in laser disk
players.  The effect was bad enough that I will no longer consider a
dlp set.  The more I see them the more I don't like the picture.  I
have been watching a lcd projector for 11 years so maybe I'm spoiled.

Re: Opin ions please - DLP or LCD?

leaky maybe seeing the infamous rainbow effect of the DLP color wheel.
people see it, some do not. I'm one who does not. I have a 46
Samsung and the
picture is fantastic. Also, newer DLP sets may have
done away with the color
wheel altogether. Don't write them off. Go to
a good store (one that will let
you watch in comfort and for as long as
you wish) and watch some sets. Pick the
one that looks best to you.

You might also consider the LCoS sets from JVC. I nearly bought one of
Very good and bright picture. But the Samsung was $2000 less and
had the VGA
input I wanted for my PC.

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Re: Opin ions please - DLP or LCD?

yustr wrote:
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         How do you do away with the color wheel??  The only
alternative I know is to use 3 dlp chips.  This seems to put the price
tag up in the 10,000 to 30,000 dollar range.  I think for the long
range cost to view, you will be much better off with Lcos or lcd.  I
want at least 20,000 hours out of a tv and that color wheel just isn't
going to make it.  My lcd projector however is in its 11 th year
running 12 to 14 hours a day.  Don't know it the effect I saw was
rainbow effect or not but I'd sure hate to invite someone to watch the
superbowl and have him complain about the rainbows.  Also since the
rainbow effect may someday appear to you or one of your family is it
worth the risk?  If dlp was as great as TI advertizes they wouldn't
have to advertize it.  Also they wouldn't have to lie about their 1080p
chip which only has half the mirrors.

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