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Is there a web page, book or other source of information you can recommend
to get started in putting together a home theater system? Specifically, I'm
looking into a plasma screen, a Panasonic, which has several video input.
I'm also looking at a A/V receiver for a 5.1 speaker system that also has
video inputs. So, where do you connect the video, to the screen or the
receiver? Why have video on a receiver? TIA.

Regards-Michael G.

Re: Newbie question

For some excellent online course material and other helpful information go
to  Choose  and then 'online courses'.
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Re: Newbie question

Assuming you're in the US, go to library and look at current and back
issues of Consumer Reports magazine and at:

(You may need an online subscription to see everything. I think the
hard copy magazine may be easier to look at, so bring $$$ to the
library and make photocopies of relevant CR stories.)

CR will give you recommendations and reliability info for TVs.

You can connect the video to the receiver and the TV, like so:

Video source (such as DVD player) -> Receiver -> TV

The reason for running the video through the receiver is so you can use
the receiver as the control center and send the DVD video (or VCR
signal, or any other video signal) to the TV. The receiver can act as
the hub and you use the receiver to control most of your gear.

Given your lack of experience, I recommend you look at CR and look at
the TVs they recommend.

For the DVD player and audio, get a "home theater in a box" (HTB) that
includes a DVD player. An HTB will have everything you need and all the
gear will be designed to work together and the instruction manual will
help you connect everything. (Or you can hire somebody to connect and
install it all.)

Later on, you may want to change or upgrade your gear, but the above
plan will get you up and running in the simplest (and possibly
cheapest) way.

CR also can provide you with recommendations on HTBs.

One more thought: You may want to buy only one brand for the TV,
receiver, and DVD player. Then it's most likely that you can control
all your gear with just one remote.

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