NEC LT240K vs Optoma 739

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I'm surprised to discover a miniscule amount of material on the web
about the Optoma ExPro 739 projector.  The best is a handful of user
reviews on projectorcentral.  Is anyone familiar with this unit?

I would like to spend $1500 on a projector for primarily home theater
use (and a fair bit of Half-Life 2).  I tend to have quite a lot of
ambient light, so high lumen output is very important.

The most interesting XGA projectors in this price range that I have
discovered so far are the BenQ PB6200, the NEC LT240K (can be had for
$1500 now because of the model change), and the Optoma ExPro 739.  The
user reviews for the BenQ and the NEC are quite clear - the NEC wins
hands down.

The (handful of) user reviews for the Optoma suggest that it might be
superior to the NEC, but I haven't found any direct comparisons.

Is the Optoma quieter than the NEC?
Is the Optoma brighter than the NEC when optimized for video?
The NEC has "sealed optics".  Does the Optoma?  Should I care?  (The
unit will be permanently ceiling mounted)
The Optoma's bulb life specification ranges from 2000 hours to 5000
hours depending on what website you visit.  What is it?
Is Optoma a reliable brand?
How's the ergonomics of the menu systems and remote control for these
Are these good projectors for my purpose?

I'm currently leaning towards the Optoma because it has DVI input
(which I won't mmediately use but may someday) and replacement lamps
are ~$280 vs ~$400 for the NEC.  Unfortunately it is unlikely that I
will have any way of viewing these projectors side-by-side.
Thanks in advance!


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