Marantz SR-18 - No Sound!

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Hi Group -
I have a Marantz SR-18 that I have had for about 5 years. It is the
heart of my home theater system and I use it daily. Today I was
watching a DVD which is connected with a COAX digital cable. I was
thumbing thru the chapters, selected one, and no sound! I thought it
may be something with the DVD itself, so I switched over to my DSS and
no sound from it either. I even put it in setup test mode for adjusting
the speaker levels, no sound at all there either.

I've unplugged it for a while, no change. I've switched the power off
at the receiver (not with remote) and this resets all of the settings I
had saved, kinda odd, but it has been like this since I got it. Sortof
a "reboot" if you will, no change.

I'm stumped! It was working fine, no pop, no hiss, no kind of
abnormality at all. Could something have gone bad, just like that???
And all channels at once? I do not own headphones or I'd try to listen
thru the headphone jack.

Any ideas???

Re: Marantz SR-18 - No Sound!

You've pretty much eliminated the possibility of the problem being
anywhere other than in the amplifier section. Also, this happened on
it's own, without any wrong button-pushing by you, I gather. Well,
you've done the only other thing you could have known to do, unless
there is a warning sign(kind of like an error message) this thing gives
off as indicated by the instruction manual. Make sure your speakers
didn't just pop off(Speaker A, B, A+B, etc.); but I'm sure you already
did. It just might be time to take it in for service or a new one, if
you like. Sorry and good luck.

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