Liteon 5045

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Anyone have any experience with this DVD/HDD recorder?  I'm considering
buying one from a guy who says he's never even taken it out of the box.
What would be a good price to offer him?


Re: Liteon 5045

It seems like a pretty nice unit. I don't have any experience with it
but most of the reviews are positive - some reported issues with audio
sync but not universal.

They are available new for about $300. Yours would be considered used
and maybe without any warranty (I don't know about their policy for
non-original purchasers). I'd also see if they'll continue to support
it with firmware upgrades as this is one of the big selling points of
this unit (a cool feature btw).

All that said, and assuming it has some mfgr support/warranty I'd offer
$175 - 200. If there's no support I wouldn't go more than $150.

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Re: Liteon 5045

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Thanks, yustr.  I've been reading more reviews -- takes some digging
regarding this unit, for some reason!  Anyway, to tell the truth, I'm
finding some good reviews, a lot of so-so reviews, and quite a few negative
reviews, regarding washed out colours, mono sound when it should be stereo,
erased recordings when flashing firmware, and lots of other things.  I'm
starting to think I should take a pass on this one, even though I could
probably get a good deal on it.  (It's from a private seller, by the way,
not a store.)  But who knows?  If I can get a REALLY good deal on it, I just
might . . .

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