Laptop to TV?

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I would like to view my lap top image on a big screen tv.  The TV is a
HDTV but its highest resolution is only 640 X 480.  The tv has a VGA
input so I purchased a cable that goes right from the laptop to the tv.

I believe the image quality was acceptable for what I want to do but
the image "does not fit" on the tv screen.

Is there an adapter that goes between the tv and the computer that will
make the image fit?

Re: Laptop to TV? (Quin) says...
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If your laptop has a DVI out and the TV has a HDMI in, get a DVI-HDMI
adapter.  What video card are you using?  You need to set your video
card output to what the TV will accept.  According to the specs, the TV
will do 480p (720x480) and 1080i (1920x1080).  Contact your video card
manufacturer to get a driver that will do one of those resolutions.  

Did you mean that the laptop's highest resolution is 640x480?  That's
pretty old equipment.  You may be able to turn off the laptop screen and
output a higher resolution to the TV, but your best bet may be to buy a
better laptop.  

Re: Laptop to TV?

Did your TV come with a driver disc to install on your laptop?  If not,
maybe your TV's web site has one available for download.  I just ordered a
42" LCD and I want to do the same thing, only I'll be using a desktop PC
with a digital connection, but I'm assuming that my TV will come with a disc
for my computer.  Bottom line is that your laptop's display resolution will
have to match your TV's display resolution, but 640 x 480 is a standard
computer resolution so I don't understand why your computer screen doesn't
fit, what is the Aspect Ratio of your TV?  Is it a standard 4:3 ratio or a
16:9 ratio (Wide Screen)?

Good luck!
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Re: Laptop to TV?

The aspect ratio of the set is 16:9  It is a Mitsubishi WS-65613.  I
called Mitsubishi tech support today and they said there is no disk for
the TV to allow my computer output to fit on the TV screen.

The real problem is that I subscribe to and for Quick
Time training videos.  They are only available for screen resolutions
of 1024 X 768.   A lot of other web sites are designed for higher
resolutions also.  If I drop down the resolution on the lap top to 640
by 480 I can not see the videos on the laptop or the TV.

There are devices like this one that may be what is needed

When I read about these devices I am still not sure if it will help fit
the image on the screen.

Steve Bosell wrote:
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Re: Laptop to TV?

You've probably already tried this but if not, try changing the aspect ratio
on your tv to 4:3.  Did Mitsubishi have any suggestions for your particular
problem?  My niece has a Mitsubishi similar to yours and I was helping her
with a problem and when reading the manual, it mentioned in 3 or 4 places
not to try connecting a computer to it, I can't remember her exact model
number though, but it was a 42" projection model, with a maximum screen
resolution of 1920x1080.
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