Kenwood's VR-6050 Sub and Surround back question????

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I cannot find the manual anywhere for my Kenwood VR-6050,  and I know
nothing of home theater systems... please help if you know about this

I want to get a subwoofer and I do not really know what I need to look for,
I keep trying to find a manual online but am having no luck,  I find info
regarding my Receiver as being a 5x100 watt.  Does that include the sub? can
my sub handle 100watts?  I have what looks to me like, an A/V out connector
that is black and says Subwoofer and another that says Surround Back. all
have a white circle around it saying Preout. I borrowed my Parents Sub when
they were in the process of moving just to use it. I couldn't hook it up, it
had connectors that were for the normal Black and Red speaker inputs while
mine was for this A/V connector.  how do I hook a sub up to this receiver?
what is surround back? is that another connector for a sub, will this help
in improving my system?
any advice on what sub I should get for this system?  I currently have a 4
Klipsch satellite speakers and a 1 center channel.  I am using the 2 Klipsch
for usually just stereo.


Re: Kenwood's VR-6050 Sub and Surround back question????

Japskunk wrote:

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Download from

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No. Subwoofers typically are "active", i.e. they have an amplifier of
their own. They get only the unamplified low-frequency signal from the
receiver via Cinch.

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Sounds to me like your parents have a subwoofer without amplifier. Your
receiver doesn't seem to provide an amplified subwoofer signal.

But don't worry. When you buy a subwoofer, just make sure it has a
build-in amplifier, which is the common type. Then you'll be able to
connect it with the Subwoofer Cinch (RCA) connector.

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