Kenwood KRF-V7773D (US version) [LONG]

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I didn't realize what I had here until I replaced it.  I want to say I paid
somewhere in the neighborhood of $700-ish several years ago.  This past
year, I started having a problem with the sound going out.  Occasionally,
turning it off or unplugging it would bring it back, sometimes not--I'd just
try it every day until it started working again. It would work for a few
days, off for a few days, work for a month--this last stretch (working)
lasted 6 months. Then it went out again.
I sent it to an authorized Kenwood service center (Sears service
center)--they couldn't duplicate the problem even after I sent them all of
my cables and other components hooked to the receiver previously.  The sound
just wouldn't go out on them.  They also said that even if they did get it
to duplicate the problem, they wouldn't have been able to get the parts
I replaced it with a Yamaha HTR-5850 but I think I went too cheap at $399.
The sound just doesn't compare to my Kenwood.  The Yamaha does handle the
base better but that is where the improvement stopped.
My Kenwood was a purchase from outside the US for use in the US.  You just
don't see this receiver here in the states.
Any suggestions on how to get my Kenwood reliable again? Or has someone had
a similar problem--and figured it out?  Are there repair places out there
that can actually fix this without foreign Kenwood parts?

Re: Kenwood KRF-V7773D (US version) [LONG]

Lane wrote:

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Like they said, even if problem is traced, parts may not be available
when needed. They're coming out with new model receivers every year.
The Yamaha is not a bad receiver but it may not have enough power for
you. My wild guess is 1. You may habve heat sensitive component or bad
solder joint/trace  on circuit board. One way of flushing out the
culprit is spraying the board with cold spray which you can get from RS
or any electronics parts store. For a guy like me who spent all his life
on electronics, fixing such problem is fun and challenge. Being retired
I have all the time in the world, LOL. Personally I have two Yamaha
receivers. HTR-5650 and RX-V2500.
Good luck,

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