Just Sent My Harmony 880 Remote Back

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I received the 880 for Christmas from the wife. After using it since I

decided it was not worth the price.

My reasons were:

1- It would not control my HD Sat box even though the website had that

model number in the database. The instructions then said to disconnect

the RF antenna from the unit but still no go.

2- It would not remember if a component was already on. If I wanted to

listen to a CD after watching TV, one button should switch only the TV

off and the receiver over to the CD input. Except that pressing the

"Listen to CD" activity shut off the receiver because the 880 didn't

know it was on.

3 - The way to move the most commonly used buttons to the first screen

on the individual units was overly tedious.

4 - It ran in logic circles too often. 880: "Is the TV on?" Me: "No".

Did that fix the problem?" Me: "No". 880: "Is the TV on?"  Me: "No".


5 - The downloading changes from the web took much too long even though

I have a high-speed connection.

For $250 I expect better. I usually like Logitech products and use many

of them daily. This one just got on my nerves too often.

Anyone else have success with an 880? Thoughts?




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Re: Just Sent My Harmony 880 Remote Back

Having separate remotes for the Samsung HL-R5067, Onkyo receiver, and
Cyberhome DVD Player was so annoying for me and especially my wife.  Got the
Best Buy Card Rebate of $150 for buying the Samsung there, so bought the
880.  Probably would not have bought it at full price.

Anyway, set-up became a mess and a couple of hours over several nights.  As
a last gasp, I called tech support and they walked me through everything, so
now we are okay.  Have had no problem since and it does simplify everything.

Oh, once in a while, there is a mess-up where a component turns on or does
not turn on, and pressing the help button and walking through the logic
sequence works.

Again, I would not pay full price for this, though.
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Re: Just Sent My Harmony 880 Remote Back

I have to agree.. i have the 659 but the sames beefs still apply. I'm
happy with it overall, but I do find I have to go the help button a
little too often. I'm going to add a signal expander so hopefully
that'll help the components missing a signal.

Tech support is awesome with them... but it seems like it has to be!

Re: Just Sent My Harmony 880 Remote Back

yustr wrote:

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For people like you nothing will be satisfactory. From your post I can
see you really did not understand how remote control in general works.
Everything in the world has a limit. Did you make sure you pointed the
remote until all the command was tramsmitted? There is little indicator
which shows that. You can't point/click and put down the remote since
you are sending a chain of command strings. All my needs are met with
880 and I know it can do more when more needs arise.
High speed does not mean fast download. When there are lots of busy
traffic, high speed does not mean much. It means just it's capability.
Mine cost 1/3 less than what you paid.
Too bad you couldn't put it to good use.

Re: Just Sent My Harmony 880 Remote Back

yustr wrote:
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Hmm, odd.

It depends on how you set up your activities.  Mine shuts off all components
that are not in use.  You need to tell it to do this when you program it.

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Hehe..yes, but not that much of a problem if you can fix what is causing it.

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DL are quick enough, the USB connection could be faster....

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Can be had for much less on eBay.

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See above.  Mine works like a charm.

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