is a Denon DVD2900 worth it?

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Hi everyone. I have a 27" 480i SDTV (still with absolutely gorgeous picture
quality). I have a Yamaha RX-V750. And I have a Pioneer 588A universal
player (paid about $125 US for it). And I have fallen in love with
multi-channel music.

My Pioneer isn't bad at m/c at all. SACD, DVD-A, DTS music, and CD all sound
very very nice. But I confess to being somewhat underwhelmed with SACD and
DVD-A, and various knowledgeable people informed me that my budget universal
player is most likely the reason. In terms of video, I'm very happy with it,
with the exception of the inability to pass blacker than black information.
The inky black blobs on the screen are driving me nuts!

I have the opportunity of buying the discontinued (and barely used) Denon
DVD2900 for around $435 US -- less, if this seller is willing to haggle.

Is the fact that this player is discontinued a problem, i.e., will Denon not
release firmware upgrades/fixes? This guy hasn't said anything about the
warranty situation, but since the player is discontinued, is this a problem?

Is this player is overkill considering my other equipment? Will I not notice
any significant increase in picture quality for DVDs and audio quality for
SACDs and DVD-As?

Will the 2900's crappy "chroma 3-2 alt" drive me nuts the way the 588A's
crappy BTB drives me nuts? Is it more or less important in a DVD player?

Thanks for any advice/opinions you can offer!


PS: I don't plan on upgrading my TV anytime soon, since I still get such
beautiful pq. Because of this, I will likely not purchase any of the first
generation HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players (and maybe not even the second!). But
that's a whole other topic!

Re: is a Denon DVD2900 worth it?

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PPS:  The TV is a Sony Trinitron 27FS12.  Just wanted to give us much info
as possible.

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