InFocus 4805 & bright spot on screen

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My InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 DLP projector recently started beaming a faint
bright spot in the upper left quadrant, only noticeable on a very black
screen, whether or not a movie is playing. There has always been a large
faint halo when the lamp is about to shut off but this doesn't seem
related. I've used the projector for about 100 hours.

I see no flaws in the lens glass or mirrors inside, except for scattered
dust. With the projector off, when I shine a flashlight into the front of
the lens I see a metal strip cutting diagonally across the upper left edge
of the hole behind the glass. Nothing is cut off on the screen so I assume
that's normal? I never studied it before. The picture looks as good as ever
except for this brighter area.
Below is an approximation of the relative brightness and shape of the
defect. It sort of looks like a moth or a dumbbell but it's not as uniform
as this image.

Thanks for any clues.


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Re: InFocus 4805 & bright spot on screen

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I've got a nearly identical problem with mine after about 60
movies. Apparently it's dust in the light path causing glare or
refraction. If you can't clean it yourself you'll have to send
it in for service or hope gravity cures it; maybe tap the top
cover a little? Sending it in seems like a hassle because it
could happen all over.


Re: InFocus 4805 & bright spot on screen

What brand of selector are you using/where did you buy it?

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