HT Newb ?. Audio Signal in Video feed

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I tried to find this problem in another post, so if I missed it, sorry.

Recently purchase a Sony AV receiver / DVD /Speaker package.  I don't
have the make now as I am at work.  The receiver and dvd player are
seperate components.  I also have a hd COX dvr hooked to the receiver.
The receiver out goes to a Sharp DT-400 projector.

Problem:  I am getting a audio signal in my picture when playing dvds.
The more "musical"  the more signal.  Chronicles of Riddick = almost
nothing.  Star Wars PM = worse when the orchestra gets going.  Rush in
Rio (concert video) = very very bad.  The signal manifests as red and
yellow (mostly red) horizontal lines going across the screen to the
beat of the music.

I am using composite cables (high end THX certified) for video and
coaxil for audio.  I can also use HDMI or analog, but dont want to
analog and can't figure out how to get the HDMI to work.  Also have
optical option for audio as well as stereo.

What's trippy is that I have totally disconnected the sound from the
dvd player and the distortion is still there in rhythm with the beat.
With no audio at all hooked up, only composite video!  I have also
switched out the composite cables with a different type (less high
end).  I have also changed the video in port from dvd in to video 2 in
and video 3 in.

I am not getting this problem from the hd cox dvr.

Since I want help and not pride :) I might as well admit that the
receiver and dvd both have tons of menu settings that I screwed around
that I dont understand.  I did do a master rest on both though the set
the settings back to factory defaults.

Thanks for any advice.  Don't worry about admonishments, my wife has
taken care of that.

My guess is that the dvd component needs replacement.


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