Home Theatre design questions

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Good day all;

I am putting a small home theatre area in my basement development and
have the following questions.  A bit of info first:

I have built in to our furnace room and area to house a 53" dlp and
all the stereo equipment.  This is an interiro wall which will give me
access to go behind an make changes in the future.  The room would be
open concept with two exterior walls around it.  There will be a
fireplace on the side.  The TV will sit flush with the wall.

I want to use all flush mounted speakers, is quality wise as good as a
bookshelf speaker?

Any insulation specifics for around the speakers?

Do they make center channel flush mounted spakers?

As this is a small area, am I better off putting the rear speakers in
the ceiling or in the wall directly behind my couch area?

What about this middle speakers is it ok to put them in the ceiling?

Should the center channel ideally go above the TV, or below the TV?  I
have made a spot for both.

I plan on putting sound insulation in the ceiling and interior wall in
this area, is this good enough?  Any other ideas?

I am going to run a speaker cable to the rear of the room for
buttkickers, are there any other cables besided speaker that I should
run now before drywall?  Remember I have rear access to the TV/Stereo

Any input you may have would be greatly appreciated.  Want to make
sure I don't forget anything.

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