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Hi Guys, I have been doin a lot of looking out for a home theatre
system within a budget of 500 dollars.

Most of the 5.1's(satellite speakers) dont sound good(very hollow,poor
bass) when audio music is played.

I listen to more of audio music than watch movies, so that's a

 I have checked out a lot of models like the yamahas(ht 165),
sony(dream theatre series), etc. Im mean the models that are under the
stipulated budget.They sound great for movies but for music a big no

The only thing that impressed me was the JVC(New TH series) latest
model with Tower front speakers with about 11 grand of output watts. It

sounded excellent but im not confident about the quality/reliability of

the system.

One of the sales guys advised me to go in for a HiFi system with a 5.1
channel. I now need to check on that.

If any of you guys can give some guidance or suggest specific model it
would be very helpful to make my decision.

Thanks.. Cheers Arul

Re: Home theatre buying advice

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I can tell you what I did, I was also on a tight budget:

-Refurbished AIWA theatre in a box for $249CDN from a local liquidation
place. The small speakers (eventually) hit the trash can.
-A pair of NEW end-of-line Sony SS-MF500H towers for $85CDN from some
electronics sale at a local convention centre.
-An off-brand centre channel, Studio Acoustics SA6.5C, for $50CDN at a local
electronics store's "yard sale."
-Brand new end-of-line (I think) Energy C-50 rear speakers, $125 after
bickering with the sales guy.

So, $509CDN, and voila. It takes time, this was over a span of two years
because a deal on everything can't be had all at once. I had to deal with
the crappy speakers that came with the HTIAB until I replaced them, but in
the end I think it was worth it. I'm still waiting for a deal on a sub, my
eyes are always open.


Re: Home theatre buying advice

Steve Mackie wrote:
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300.00 for speaker package, 200.00 for an amp. It's possible to have
decent 2nd hand ones.

Re: Home theatre buying advice

Steve Mackie wrote:

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Perhaps moving the overall price up abit.  But how about the Onkyo 503 or
573 (XM ready), on sale at Circuit City now ($285 & $380, respectively).  I
happen to be an Onkyo fan.  Good audio for both music & movies.

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Or Onecall has the complete Athena Point 5 Mark II 5.1 speaker system for
$199 plus shipping (about $35).
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My suggestions are a little higher, $518 withe the 503, $614 with the 573.
Everything new & warrantied.  Since I listen to satellite radio & music a
lot, I can vouch for the clarity of the Athenas & I'd lean toward the 573.
And the Athena speaker system can handle everything well, if the op can
wait till later to add a sub for truly thumping bass.  I found that out
when I accidentally knocked the power plug out for my sub. :-)

Or a complete Onkyo 780 7.1 system (receiver, speakers & sub) can be had for
around $480.

Bill K

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