Home Theater Conversion

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For those interested, I'll soon be converting a 2-car garage in to an
in-home theater/game room.  I'll post the web site where I'll have progress
reports and pictures for those who'd like to do the same.
And this will me no back-woods, part-timer, temp job.  I'll be replacing the
garage door with a wall with a 5' x 8' window, insulating the outside walls
and ceiling, moving and adding electrical outlets, adding wall sconces,
raising the floor 4" to match the rest of the house, running audio and video
under the floor, building a movie screen, remote auto-dim lighting, columns,
adding a back wall (that will close the entrance) and adding a door (new
entrance) to another wall.
I've already installed new heating and air to accommodate the extra 410 sqft
of living space.  The next steps is where it gets fun.
So, if interested, check back here for a link to the progress--I should kick
it off within the next few weeks.
Total costs:
$6500 - heating/Air (3-ton, 14 seer, variable speed/dehumidifying)<--I live
in Florida
$750 - initial supplies
$500 - labor
$500 - second faze supplies
$500 - unexpected costs
Electronics are pre-purchased--will be listed on web site.
Will I bust budget?  We'll see.

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