Hiding a projector with a "periscope"

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I just bought a house and want to hide my home theater in the living
room.   It is accessible from the attic above.    I wanted to install
an electric screen in the attic (A Dalite model with the "door"), put
speakers in the walls, and hide my old Infocus X2 projector in the
attic also.

My ideas for the projector was to put it in a box with a blower for
the summer (Attic vents to the outdoors) and reflect the light through
two 90 degree mirrored prisms that I can buy surplus.  That way the
projector would not be seen or heard (it is noisy).  One of the prisms
would be visible in the living room and that is it.   Before I spend a
lot of me with this, has anyone done this or something similar?
Also, I live in Syracuse so it gets hot in the summer and very cold in
the winter.


Re: Hiding a projector with a "periscope"
jeffpda wrote:

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My thought is that, with your vented to the outside attic, your projector
will be exposed to ambient air temperatures which will cause it to fail
quickly. Hot air temps in the summer won't allow the electronics or the bulb
to cool sufficiently. The frigid winter temps will probably seize up the fan
motor. If the projector is used and then shut off,  and as the heat from the
projector cools down, it will develop a wicked condensation problem which
would then freeze.


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