HiDef.com looking to pay for some help!!

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To anyone that may be interested...

HiDef.com is looking for some part time help.

This is work you can do from the comfort of your own home, with your
own computer on your own schedule...

The help we need relates to finding some key news / opinion
contributors to the site so that the site continue to grow and become a
great and useful place for the casual enthusiast to visit and get
relevant information.

HiDef.com is purely for that casual/mass consumer...not for the
super-technical elite (there are plenty of sites available to service
that need...)

You can go to HiDef.com and check out the format of the content and
news updates to get a sense of the kind of contributors that we are
looking for...

HiDef.com is willing to pay for contributors for their help.
Specifically, we are looking for 2 or 3 "regulars" to keep the site
updated with fresh daily news links to interesting articles from around
the web. So if you have some spare time, like to follow the
Hi-Def/technology/home theater stuff anyway, have an opinion on things
and are interested in making a few bucks a month, we'd love to hear
from you.

Before you respond, please know that HiDef.com is not part of some big
company with lots of staff, with big take-over-the-world plans... In
fact, HiDef.com is just run by a couple enthusiats, in their spare
time, at their expense, for no profit. If you visit the site, you will
notice that despite the large amount of traffic that comes to the site,
there are NO ADS. We'd like to keep it that way for as long as
possible, but really can only do that if the community contributes
news, information, reviews, etc. to the site.

HiDef.com is actually the sole destination for all of the following


...Because all these domains lead to www.hidef.com, and the term
"hidef" itself is now becoming part of the standard english vernacular,
the sheer volume of traffic that comes through the search engines to
this site is quite substantial and represents a huge opportunity for
our contributors to get notable exposure and credit for their thoughts,
opinions and contributions to the content of this site.
There is no racket here. We are not selling these domains, We are not
squatting these domains, or anything like that.

There are no ads associated with these domains and there are no
redirects to anything or anybody trying to sell you anything..!

We are trying to create a place that a casual consumer can go to learn
more about HiDef stuff and perhaps get basic questions answered without
getting attacked by the l33t internet illuminati...

If you want to help create a place like that and possibly get paid a
small amount to do it, great. If not, great...

Again, if you have some spare time and you already tend to keep up on
high definition related things, this could be a great opportunity for
you to help build a community while using and demonstrating some of the
awesome knowledge that you have!

If you feel that you have what it takes and want to help HiDef.com be
all that it can be for the casual community that is interested in high
definition, we would appreciate hearing from you!

Please just e-mail feedback@hidef.com if you are interested in hearing

Just looking for some help is all...


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