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Hey, all.  Trying to hook up a TV (non-HD), cable box, DVR, and
surround receiver.  Anyone care to take a stab at helping a
semi-competent guy out?

I've got a Toshiba TV (CZ32V51).  It's got coax input, one set of
composite outputs, two composite inputs (VIDEO 1 & VIDEO 2), and an
S-Video input.

CableVision iO Digital Cable coming in through a Cable Box (Explorer
4200).  It's got coax output, one set of composite outputs, and one
S-Video output.

Panasonic DVR (DMR-ES30V).  Two sets of composite outputs (one DVD OUT
and one DVD/VHS COMBINED OUT), one S-Video output, two composite inputs
& two S-Video inputs (IN1 & IN2), coax in and coax out.

And a Sony surround receiver (STR-V220).  It's got no video outputs
of any kind.  It does have TV/SAT, CD, and TAPE/MD inputs, and VIDEO
inputs and outputs.

I've tried a few different set-ups and each usually leaves me with
one problem.  Either I have no surround, or no picture, or it records
static, or something else isn't quite right.  I come close, but I
don't nail it.  A couple notes: I plan on using the DVR both for
watching/recording on both VHS and DVD.  Also, I don't have an
S-Video cable, but I could afford one if I need one for some reason.
Two would be pushing it.

Additionally, I've got a Gamecube, but I've got no problems with
its arrangement.  It's presently sending video through the TV's
VIDEO 1 input and audio through the surround receiver's TAPE/MD
inputs.  That arrangement poses no problems so I'm hoping I can work
around it.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

Re: Help w/ setup would be awesome

Your problem is your receiver.  I looked at your manual and you're right,
there is no video handling at all.  If you purchase no additional equipment,
you're stuck with swapping your video cables every time you want to change
sources.  Plus, you're limited on how many audio sources can be used with
that receiver.  Sounds like you've outgrown your simple receiver.  I think
the best option for you is invest in a newer and better receiver that can
handle all of your audio AND video needs.  You can get something RCA for as
little as $200 that will work for you.  If RCA is too cheap for you, Yamaha
sells a suitable one for $300.  For most audiophiles, receivers of that
caliber; however, are still not enough when it comes to power and bells and
whistles at that price range.  But for you, a $300 Yamaha is a huge step up
and I'm sure you'd be quite satisfied.  If you have the money, Harmon Kardon
receivers can be picked very reasonably on Ebay--don't let the low wattage
of the HK's fool you.  They'll outperform receivers twice (in some cases,
three times) their wattage.

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