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I am doing a family room remodel and need some help.  The tv will be about
40' away from my stereo rack with satellite, vcr and DVD unites.  I am
planning to run a 1" conduit between the rack and tv for the wires to be
installed in the wall.  This will also allow me to upgrade as future tech
gets better.  Will a 1" conduit hold 1 coax cable, 1 s-video, 1 rca video
and 3 speaker wires?   Is there any s-video cables that are 50' long for my
connections and what else should I be thinking about installing?



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Re: help please

how about 2 conduits that are 1" 1 to use and as a spare.....
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Re: help please

My gut tells me that running 3 pairs of speaker wire (don't forget each
needs +/-) in the same conduit as the video feed will interfere
with said feed.
Particularly out 50' from the source. If you have the
wall open, I'd run two
conduits and separate the signal feeds from the
speaker runs.

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Re: help please

       A HDMI cable connector most likly won't go thru 1".  Separating
audio and video cables is a good idea.  At least 1 foot of seperation.
It would be nice to use two 2" conduits if your walls will stand it.
No telling what they will want us to run next year.  If you run metal
conduits they provide good shielding.  Use sweeps for the corners.

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