HDTV Tuner Output to Multiple TVs Over Coax

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DishNetwork 921 receiver (HDTV tuner built-in)
Sanyo PLV-Z2 projector
Toshiba 23HL84 LCD HD-ready TV
(soon) Another flat TV (at least HD-ready, possibly built-in tuner)

There is a run of component video between the receiver and the projector
(this isn't my problem, just putting it here for completeness).  There is a
run of RG6 coax from the receiver to a coax splitter which then feeds RG6
coax to the Toshiba TV (and the location of the soon-to-be-installed TV).

What I want to do is get HD output from the receiver to the Toshiba and
other TV.  Running component cables to the locations of the TVs is not an
option I want to consider due to the complexity of the run(s).

Is there a way to get component video with 2-channel stereo (no need for
Dolby) onto coax then back into component video and stereo?  Is there
another option that doesn't require new runs of cable?


John T

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