HDMI wiring questions?

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I am in the planning stages of a home theater.  My plan was to purchase
a high end video receiver e.g. Yamaha VSX72TXV and hook in my cable
box, dvd/vcr and run a hdmi cable to the plasma on the other side of
the room.  I have 2 questions concerning the wiring.  Is it possible to
run 50+ foot hdmi cable from the receiver to the tv without loosing
quality.  I also planned to run it along side some electrical wiring,
and was wondering if it would interfere with the hmdi signal.

Also any experiences on the Yamaha receiver or a similar quality brand.

Thanks in Advance,


Re: HDMI wiring questions?

brad.r.clark@gmail.com wrote:

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Hi Brad
What other choice do you have?
I think the HDMI specification is silent on length. I've heard
opinions that 30' is max. Don't know why they'd say that.
www.monoprice has 50 footers.
As to interference I guess that's what sheilding is all about. Maybe
this is where good vs crappy cabling kicks in.
good luck

Re: HDMI wiring questions?

Please check out www.flatwiresolutions.com. I think the products there
will help you a lot.
Sincerely, Jennifer

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