HD with antenna?

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The new TV is HDTV, and I already like the picture quality from DVD's
Am I correct that the picture seen from a DVD player is NOT high definition?

I don't think I will drop the additional chunk of change to upgrade my cable
subscription to get digital. It requires a box, and gets me a slew of new
channels that I don't want.
I'd like to take a look at what picture quality this TV can provide.

Can I hook up an outside TV antenna to the 75 ohm input and get HDTV from
broadcast?  It so, I may experiment. It may be difficult just to get a good
signal, but I can get a 'useable' signal with rabbit ears, so an outdoor
antenna may just do it.


Re: HD with antenna?

I can tell you the HD picture I get from my HD cable box is MUCH better than
any of the DVDs I play.
With The DVDs you are not getting HD.
I know you can get HD signal with an antenna but I dont know is you need a
special one. I'll be trying that out soon as the money Im paying to comcast
for phone TV and Internet is a small fortune!!


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Re: HD with antenna?

Thanks Steve...I am on comcast myself. The price has been going up to the
point where I may soon make a change also.  By the way...I have Vonage for
phone service, and it works great.  I may put an antenna up myself and
forget about comcast for now!
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Re: HD with antenna?

Dave, The dvr that comcast rents is pretty cool.
Dual tuners with built in hard drive to record shows in HD.


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Re: HD with antenna?

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I took a shot on this whole HDTV thing by buying the 600 dollar beginners
model from WalMart.  I went across the street to a place called 99 Cent Only
store and bought a 99 cent rabbit ears antenna.  When I got home I unpacked
the TV and attached the ninety-nine cent rabbit ears and scanned the
channels and got about six of them in full screen HD awesomeness.  I live in
a compact area called Las Vegas and all of the big antennas are within a few
miles but for me the results are awesome.  The point is that the
over-the-air stuff really does work with HDTV internal tuners if you are
fortunate enough to be with a strong signal area.

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