HD receiver for HD tv?

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I have an existing AV receiver that supports Dolby Digital and DTS in 5.1. I
am considering (within the next year) upgrading to an HD TV and an HD
Directv Tivo system. I will keep my DVD player and would like to have
options for additional inputs for maybe a video camera or digital camera.

I have a couple of questions ....

1. I think that I would most likely purchase an HD-Ready TV since I will
have a satellite receiver that will be handling the HD programming - right?
no need for one with a tuner.

2. Would I need a newer A/V receiver? I have not seen or heard of any
receivers that handle HD programming. Can you recommend any for me to check
prices on?

Or - do HD TVs have several inputs - maybe I can just run the audio through
my current receiver and plug in the video into the TV's multiple inputs.


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