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I have a few JP1 cable for universial remote control for sale.

If you are interested, please visit:


1. What is JP1?
JP1 is a home-made process that you can use to re-program your UEI remote
(ie, One For All and Radio Shack brands) from your PC. Not only does it
allow you to manage your macros, etc in a much easier way than doing it
on the remote itself, it also lets you overcode some of the silly
that are programmed into these remotes and it lets you add upgrades which
let the remote to control devices it would not otherwise control.

2. Why Do I Need JP1?
If you have a JP1 compatible remote, but it doesn't control all of your
devices, you need JP1 so you can add upgrades which will let your remote
control those devices. While some UEI remotes are equiped with modems
that allow you to download upgrades over the phone (or web), this only
works if UEI has already developed an upgrade for your un-supported
device. With JP1 you don't need to wait. In most cases, someone else
has already developed an upgrade that you can use, and even when
there's no upgrade available, you can easily create one yourself,
as I will describe in this document.

3. What Equipment Do I Need?
Well, for starters, you need a JP1 compatible remote, these are
remotes made by UEI. The two main brands that you will find in
the stores are ‘One For All' and ‘Radio Shack', but there are
several other remotes out there that are also JP1 compatible.
To see if your remote is JP1 compatible, open up the battery compartment
and see if there's a 6-pin conenctor in there. If you see 6 holes rather
than a 6-pin connector, you remote probably needs extra parts to be
JP1 compatible.

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