DVD player on HDTV question

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hi I just bought an HDTV (an insignia 26" widescreen) a best buy brand, not
a bad TV for 400 bucks though much better than my crappy 19" samsung, but I
digress. had some questions about DVD's. are there certian DVD's or  have a
hi-def feed? (without having to use an upconvert type DVD player for say
720P or 1080i) or right now with regular DVD's do you need to have a an
upconvert DVD player (that upconverts from 480i to 720P or 1080i) I'm
looking at the zenith upconvert DVD player seems to be a good value, can get
it for 99 bucks on Ebay as a refurb (with the old firmware that lets you do
upto 1080i through component, no DVI on this TV) last question, this TV has
2 component inputs and since I got a hi-def cable box and teh DVD player I
want to hook up my Xbox ot this, so I'll need a switchbox I imagine. do i
need to buy a component switch box? or could I use a composite one? and if
so, any idea where I cna get one cheap (with 3 or 4 ports on it?) thanks so
much any other recomendations that you could give to help me out would be

Re: DVD player on HDTV question

There are currently no High Def DVD's. HD-DVD is coming out next year

and Sony's Blu-Ray is another year away. How popular they become is yet

to be seen. There's a large inventory of conventional DVD's out there

and folks may sit this one out.

As far as selectors goes Radio Shack has one but it's not cheep. Look






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