Denon AVR-2805/985s vs HK AVR-630 - Bad DAC'S?

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I currently own a Harman Kardon AVR-630.  the sound quality is pretty
good.  However, i am having a problem with the DAC's (at least i think
it's the DAC's).  Whenever i switch between digital audio sources, or
whenever i have a DVD that switches between Pro-Logic, DTS, DD, etc,
there is always a period of about 2 seconds where there is no audio.
the receiver is trying to locate the digital signal, and while it's
looking for it, that means no audio for a couple seconds.   Also, if i
want to hook up my CD player digitally, the first 2 seconds of the
first song i play is also missing.

Now, i was thinking of switching over to a Denon AVR-985s/2805.  From
what i remember, they use Burr-Brown DAC's which do not suffer this
problem.  i used to have an old Denon AVR-1802, and never had this
audio lag problem with digital sources.  (i also like the auto-setup
for surround sound, and the component upconversion features, which my
HK lacks).

Can anyone confirm that this info is correct?  Anyone own this Denon
receiver that can confirm that it does not suffer the problem i am
having with my HK?  Anyone able to SOLVE this problem with their HK?
anyone know if i can download via RS-232, the upgrades for component

Thanks for any input.


Re: Denon AVR-2805/985s vs HK AVR-630 - Bad DAC'S? wrote:
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Wait for a receiver that will support upcoming surround formats like DD+
and DTSHD. Two formats that will be used on HDDVD/Bluray movie discs.
And being as we're due to get them at the end of the year...don't you
think it would be a better idea to wait? I certainly am...

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