Connection help needed

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First let me say that I feel like a fool having to post looking for help (
being a guy and all ) however...

I recently upgraded and bought a new Onkyo a/v receiver to connect my
Phillips Plasma ( w/hdmi ) two sony DVD's and a digital cable/dvr box.

I have downloaded connection guides from the onkyo site, the phillips site
and the cox cable site and none of them
will work with each other. Basically what I want to do is connect the cable
box/dvr through the tv's #1 hdmi input
then connect the two dvd's through the two hdmi inputs in the receiver and
then have the output from the receiver's hdmi
going to #2 hdmi input on the tv.

And of course hopefully have nice quality sound comming from my speakers...

Now am I asking so much?.....

I'd be happy to send the diagrams of all 5 devices to anyone that can figure
out a wiring diagram for me that
will work.

Thanks in advance.


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