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just bought a Samsun 24" digital tv.  Seems nice.

our dvd and new tv are both compatible with "component video" which, unlike
the standard "composite video", does not blend all RGB and luminance in one
signal - it breaks them into 3 signals (luminance, red, blue - the green
apparently is inferred from the balance of R &B.)

does anyone know if I can use the old fashioned Red-White-Yellow cables
which are ordinarily used to hook up lesser expensive home theaters, to hook
up component video?  I would guess not b/c nowadays they make such a big
deal about buying "component video" cables.

Re: component video cables

Bob wrote:
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Then no advantage of digital surround sound and HD video.

Re: component video cables

Bob wrote:
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You might get away with it for short runs, but the Red-White-Yellow
cable is meant for composite video + left and right audio. It may
therefore not perform very well at the much higher frequencies used for
video signals. Get a proper component cable - but don't spend silly
money on exotic cables treated with snake oil. They won't work any
better, despite what the manufacturers and credulous reviewers might

Re: component video cables

you definetly want to go with component cables that are made for doing jsut
that. I'd recommend going on-line (possibly ebay) and getting your cables
there. don't pay extra for MONSTER or other high end cables. when I helped
my father with his home theater we bought a 75 foot cable to run to the
projector it was half the price of rthe 40 foot monster cable, and when it
came in I was VERY pleased with the quality of the cable, in my opinion it
was better than MONSTER (each cables with shielded from the other onees andn
then all of those inside one big shield, very nicely done) trust me if you
were to hook up the regular yellow red blue cables and then switch to the
component cables, you'd notice a difference, at least I did.


Re: component video cables

Bob wrote:
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R,G,B and component cables were created on different spec.
Component cable is designed to carry wider band width signal
(for HD). I'd buy a set of component cable. Don't need to spend
monster amount of money to buy something outrageously priced.
All my video signal is carried by component cable into A/V receiver
which feeds HDTV set. Audio signals are all on optical(Toslink) or

Re: component video cables

As far as I know component cables nead a 75 ohm co-ax cable. Some audio
cables (not the very cheap ones) are twisted pair and therfore would not be
correct for video.

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