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Hi All,

Fairly new to all of this, and although I have done lots of reading it still
boggles the mind with all the details and features one should look for.  I
want a quality audio receiver which can handle HDMI input for HDTV (Sony
Grand Wega 55").  I've landed so far on the Yamaha RX-V1600 which in
canadian prices I've been quoted so far $1100.

So questions that come to mind, what would be comparable receivers in
quality and price range that I should be comparing thsi receiver to, and is
$1100 a fair price or are their online stores that have them cheaper?  If
anyone has one and want to comment, I have already read many reviews from
users and am comfortable with this level of receiver, just having a hard
time figuring out what other brands and models to compare it to.

Thanks in advance for any information you may offer.

Happy New Year!!!

Re: Comments on Yamaha RX-V1600

Guestspeaker wrote:
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Onkyo, Denon. I have RX-V2500 which is bit older than 1600. If you're
into listening to music, you'd like Yamaha receivers. I used Yamaha car
audio and amps, receivers over the years. Never let me down. Out at my
cabin I have an even older/lesser HTR-5650 which is still working fine
and sounds good. And don't forget good speakers. Get best you can
afford. Good luck.

Re: Comments on Yamaha RX-V1600

did you look at the RXV-2600?  The unit is a little bit more, but packs
more bang for the buck! I have the 2600 and its f'n fantastic. I just
recently paired it with a Harmony 880 remote to control all my
devices.. another wise choice.

Re: Comments on Yamaha RX-V1600 wrote:
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Same here. Harmony 880 is so easy to use. Now peace in our family room.
My speakers are Infinity.

Re: Comments on Yamaha RX-V1600

Thanks, I did look at the RXV-2600 but I was told that the only diff was
like you said a bit more power.  The room isn't huge so I think the RX-1600
will do me fine.  I agree with the Harmony, although I was more leaning
towards the 628, the 880 would defiantley be nice, but I'm buying a TV, new
Reciever and new speakers all at the same time.  Gotta give somewhere :-(

Thanks again for the opinions!

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