Choosing the best speaker for HT-only

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Hi, I'm helping my brother build a home-theater for his small
living-room (aproximately 6x4 meters).
His goal is to achieve the best possible result for watching movies,
since he never listens to music.
So I understand he could get by with small speakers that don't produce
much bass and rely on the sub for the low frequency movie sounds.
He already has two pieces of equipment:
- Yamaha Rx-v457 receiver  (6.1 ,  85 Watts RMS/ channel)
- Velodyne DTS-12 subwoofer  (12-inch)
This is South America, so options are very few in this case, and the
only speakers that I have found which seems to deserve attention around

here are:
- Paradigm Mini-Monitors
- Paradigm Focus
- Paradigm Cinema 70 separate satellites
- PSB Alpha B
- PSB Alpha Intro LR
- Energy C-200
- Energy C-100
- Paradigm Titans
- Paradigm Atoms v.4
- Infinity Primus 160
- Infinity Primus 150
- Infinity C25  center speaker
- JBL  Nothridge N24
- JBL N-Center
- Lando LC 60 (used)
- KEF Q15 (used, perfect condition)

Does anyone here is familiar with any of these speakers to share an
opinion as to how they would compare in matching the Yamaha and the
Velodyne for HT-only ?
For example, the Alpha B, the Focus and the Paradigm Mini-Monitor pairs

are more than 60% more expensive than the Atom pair. Would there be a
true benefit to justify spending that much more over the Atoms which
seems like a reasonable choice ?
Similarly, Infinity models are cheaper than the Atoms, so how much
worse would they be that would be truly perceived in a HT-only
environment ?

In case any of you has a very strong reason to suggest a different
speaker that would make a much better match with the Velodyne and the
Yamaha, please do, and please state your reasons, I'd be interested
then in  trying to import it by special order.

   I also have questions about the center speaker:
-In case I choose the Atoms, is the Paradigm CC170 center a good match
? what difference would it make getting the cc70?
- If I pick the Alpha B, would any of the above listed center speakers
be a good match ?
- What would happen if I use 3 identical speakers in the front instead
of a center + 2 fronts ?
- Finally, do I need the 6th channel available in the receiver ? What
would be the best use for it ?

Many thanks for any help.

Re: Choosing the best speaker for HT-only

visitor2 wrote:
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They're all good speakers. After all watching movie is not as serious as
listening to good musci. Maybe let your budget decide and once they're
installed, you can balance(calibrate)threm to your liking.
I am a Yamaha fan. My speakers are Energy and Infinity(two sets)
Good luck,

Re: Choosing the best speaker for HT-only

Many thanks for helping. Which Infinity speakers do you use,
are you familiar with the Primus ones (160,150) ?

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