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I recently purchased  a set of electrostatic Martin Logan Scenarios I now
want to by a matching Home theater receiver.  My    question is about the
impedance magnitude.  The Scenarios have a nominal impedance of 6 Ohms with
a minimum of 2 ohms.  I would like to purchase a reasonable priced AV
receiver (under $800.00)  Does any one have any suggestions.

Re: choosing an av receiver

My advice: In a word "don't"

A mid-priced receiver would not do justice to the ML's. Either go with

a higher level receiver (from Denon, Yamaha, NAD, others?) or better

yet explore separates around that price level. Outlaw comes to mind.

Maybe find some used gear.

What I've done is used an older (but very good) 5 channel power amp and

a low priced Pioneer receiver as the pre-amp/processor (and it drives

the back surrounds.) It's another piece of gear but it sounds much

better (I think) than a reciever at the same cost level.

Most modern amps should have no issue with the load from the Logans.




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