Best Receiver for Theater Audio Only

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Hi.  If there's an FAQ to or web site to point me to that answers my
question, feel free to call me a group noobie and point me there, thanks.

Now that I have a Sony 60" SXRD, my old Dolby Surround amp just won't do.  I
was considering an all-singing, all-dancing
upconverting-to-HDMI-or-at-least-component-video receiver, but realized that
with all the inputs on the TV already, why potentially degrade the video
with extra cable length and switching?  I'm content to use the TV audio out
to the receiver while switching thru inputs to try and decide what to watch,
and then switch the receiver to the digital equivalent of the source I
settle on.

That said, all I'm really looking for is a reciver with all the good audio
qualities but don't want to pay for any fancy video switching (or any at all
if such a beast exists).

Features I'm looking for:

- Phono input (so I can have the option of still using my turntable, or
point me to a cheap/decent pre-amp)
- 7.1 surround
- all the necessary decoding modes (Aside:  Which ones are definitely
- reasonable number of optical and coax digital audio inputs (at least two
- Microphone-based audio setup (desirable if decent)
- A+B mains (without having to sacrifice e.g. surround back output)

Anything out there like this at a reasonable price?

Thanks for any help.

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