Best 27 Inch TV on the U.S Market?

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                            I am in the market for a 27 inch flat
screen CRT for my bedroom.
Audio quality is most important to me as I watch many rock concerts on
I don't think I have sufficient space in my bedroom for a proper H/T
set up.
Therefore, I am looking for a set that can deliver exceptional video
and outstanding Hi-Fi audio for musical performances.
I am looking to spend in the neighborhood of $400-600.

I did make the foolish mistake of buying a Sony Trinitron FS24100 in
September of 2003, and do not want to make that same mistake again.
I do prefer a name brand, but I have learned that in 2005, Name Brands
guarantee nothing in regards to quality.

Re: Best 27 Inch TV on the U.S Market?

The current issue of Consumer Reports magazine (US) includes reviews of
high-def 27" CRT sets, as well as other sizes and types of TVs. I think
CR liked a Sony the best, but I don't remember the model. Price was a
little over $600, but because this is a high-def set, it should provide
what you need for years to come. See CR at library, newsstand, or:

You may need an online membership to see all the reviews, or your
library may have access and/or back issues. CR has also tested many TVs
in the recent past, so you may want to look at the back issues and
previous reviews.

For better sound, I suggest you add a good set of PC powered stereo
speakers to the TV's audio outputs. The speakers in most TVs may not be
adequate for your needs. Something like the Logitech Z-2300 speakers
(around $100) might be worth a listen. Altec and other makers also make
good powered PC speakers. PC speakers can be a great way to add better
sound to a TV without the speakers taking up too much room.

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