AV Receiver with tape monitor????

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Have an outboard EQ that I would like to still use, so I'm looking for
a 5.1 or 7.1 AV receiver that offers either pre-in/out connections or a
good old fashioned tape monitor option.   Having trouble finding such
beasts, it seems like I can get AV or Tape Monitor....

Cheap is good!!!


Re: AV Receiver with tape monitor????

Take a look at this one:

Goes for about $250 street price. Has an auto-calibration system that's
easy and it sounds good. I know cause I have it's older brother.
My $1000 HK
pre/pro went out . So off to CC I go looking for the least
expensive receiver
that had pre-outs to use while my HK was getting
repaired. I sold it instead -
the Pioneer was that good. I've been
extremely pleased ever since.

Don't forget
that your EQ will only adjust two channels. And if you use
the tape monitor loop
(called CDR/Tape/MD on the 815-K), you'll get no
surround processing. You can
use the pre-out feeds from the receiver
throught the EQ then to an separate amp.

I don't know what would happen if you ran the (say front) pre-outs
through the
EQ then back into the receiver via the 5.1 input. Might

ever try this?

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Re: AV Receiver with tape monitor????

Thanks again!   I would probably run the EQ on the tape monitor, I only
want to EQ CD's, tapes, radio.

Re: AV Receiver with tape monitor????

The VSX-815-K does not have Tape Monitor.  There is a tape input, but
it doesn't go to "monitor" mode.   Same problem I have with the Onkyo
503 I have, only can EQ tapes.

I can find recevievers with tape monitor, but they all seem to be plain
2 channel stereo units.

Re: AV Receiver with tape monitor????


Re: AV Receiver with tape monitor????

"Wayne - California" wrote:

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Pioneer's Elite receivers have a tape monitor function like what the
original poster is asking about. I have both an older VSX-27TXi and a newer
VSX-59TXi. I have an older analog Graphic Equalizer hooked up to it and use
it for 2 channel stereo sources, usually either cd listening or some
broadcast tv stuff.


Re: AV Receiver with tape monitor????

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Certainly good stuff, but Mr Wallet will laugh at me........   I'm
looking more in the <$400 range.

Have manufacturers just forgotten that people have/use/like EQ's?????

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