Anyone else think this is odd?

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Hey everyone,

I've got a Yamaha RX-V750 receiver, and when I do a YPAO, it sets my mains
at +7 dB, my centre at +4, my surrounds at +7.5, and my subwoofer at -8.  Is
that weird?  Someone once told me that all the values should be within +/- 3
dB.  The receiver is able to get the distances right, and sets them all as
small.  It also recommends a crossover of 120 Hz.  I moved that down to 80
Hz and bumped up the sub from -8 dB to -6 dB.

So, in a nutshell, is it weird that YPAO set values ranging from -8 dB to
+7.5 dB?  Should they actually be +/- 3 dB?


PS:  My speakers, for the sake of being complete, are the Athena Audition
first series:  mains:  2 x F2, centre 1 x C1, surrounds 2 x B2, subwoofer

Re: Anyone else think this is odd?

How does it sound? Does it sound better? I did the YPAO once on mine
and it set the fronts to small(3 identical JBL's w/15" drivers,
ported), my wall mounted surrounds to large, and my sub to 120Hz. It
didn't sound bad, just different. And, bass/surround  heavy, as I
suspected. The eq took the fronts down several notches because of the
horns. As for +/- 3dB, that's just not realistic(unless the room is
perfectly symmetrical and whisper quiet, of course).

Re: Anyone else think this is odd?

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I don't have the golden ears, nselson.  And I'm honestly unsure if it sounds
better.  I know it sounds a bit different.  There are times when the mains
overpower the centre, so that's why I bumped it up.  They still do
occassionally, but only on stuff that has low-mixed dialogue, like Dead Like
Me.  There are times when music and movies seem light on bass, and times
when they're bass-heavy.  I guess that means I've found a middle ground.
Crap.  I wish I could get someone to do this for me.  I like tweaking and
all, but it gets frustrating sometimes.

Thanks for saying that +/- 3 dB is unrealistic -- that actually sets my mind
at ease!  I thought something was out of whack with my setup, and was
getting worried.

So basically, YPAO is not infallible.  They make mistakes.  That's okay,
that's why I have my analog SPL meter.  Even armed with that, though, I
notice the bass is still higher than all the other channels using the test
tones (more like test fuzzy sounds).  But when I listen to music or movies,
I find I don't hear (and feel) it as much as I expect to.  Oh well.  I guess
I just need to fine tune a bit more.  Did I mention how frustrating this is?


Re: Anyone else think this is odd?

The different DVD mixes will make you insane, because the problem is
nothing you can fix without mucking up all your other movies and music,
unless . . .

Unless you could make presets in the receiver that could fix the most
common problems you have with those fussy discs. Maybe, one that clears
up low dialogue, another that tones down the bloated bass, etc. That
would be grand!

Also, after you do the YPAO, if there is something you don't like:
Adjust it in giant leaps . . . , and then scale it back with small
adjustments. If you just adjust something a-little-bit-at-a-time, then
soon enough you won't remember how it sounded in the first place. This
is why I wish more receivers had numerical adjustments for the levels.
Then you could just write down the original value, and go back to it
for a quick compare.

Good luck, vij. And, don't let it make you too crazy.

Re: Anyone else think this is odd?

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Thanks, nselson.  I try not to let the system make me nuts.  I have to
remember that most times, I actually like fiddling with things, tweaking
settings, and such.  I've considered having different presets for different
discs, but then I'd have to remember which number corresponds to what I
want.  I think it'd just be easier to tweak things on the fly.

Good advice on the "giant leap" approach to adjustments.  Basically, I ran
YPAO, wrote down the numbers it came up with, then tweaked.  But I might try
it again with a huge manual adjustment -- it would probably be easier making
smaller adjustments afterward that way.  Thanks for the advice!


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