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I'm starting to look at options for a new home theater setup, and so
far, the idea of a projector is making a lot of inroads for me. With my
basement configuration (renovation completed last week, 6'3 high
ceiling limitation), I've determined that the ideal screen for 16:9
would be 7'1 x 4' to get a 1.78 ratio. Here's what I thought:

What about using a styrofoam isolation panel cut to the right dimension
and painted over to use as a hanged screen? With the limitations I
have, I see a lot of advantage with this idea. If I remember correctly,
the surface of the panel is smooth, it's very light and can be easily
removed if need be. You guys see any drawbacks to this?



Re: An idea for a screen

Something I did and it worked out beautifully...

I purchased some actual movie screen material on ebay for under $40, pine
wood for framing and black material to wrap the frame.  I wrapped each frame
piece with the fabric.  Then put the pieces together with flat L-brackets.
Finally stapled the screen on the reverse side ensuring that the screen was
stretched properly--stretched and stapled corner to corner, top to bottom,
left to right, diagonally the rest of the way around.  In the end, I had a
superior looking screen that looked as good as any fixed screen purchased on
line for $200 and up.  However, I had less than $50 and 2 hrs of work

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