Advice on new kit

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I am a bit inexperienced with this but at the moment i have a Philips
RX3800 all in one surround sound system. I have it hard wired all round
as the the wireless speakers were rubbish.

Anyway its coming to the end for me as i have an xbox 360 and sky+ and
would like to use the optical out of each of these for 5.1 and the
system is only capable of accepting one coax input from other kit, i
tried a cheap optical to co-ax converter and the results were low
quality sound urghhh

My questions is what to get to replace the all in one, i can still use
the dvd player it also has optical out, the xbox 360 and sky+ all have
optical out too so i would need to have 3 optical inputs on the amp.

Budget is around the 300.00 mark

Also whats the best way of connecting it all up to my one RGB scart on
my TV and what about speaker cable recommendation?

Thanks guys


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