Acoustic Issues for H.T. in a Non-rectangular Shared Space

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Hi all,
    I am in the process of designing an apartment for me in my parent's
home's basement. One of the things I want to have there is a home
theater system (I'm thinking front projection, probably DLP).
        I got into some problems while trying to fit in the home
theater, I thought I could get some feedback from any of you guys.
        The apartment will have a kitchen/dining/living room space, in
which the home theater system will naturally go. Since this will be a
shared, non-rectangular space, I had problems applying rules and tips
I've found on the Internet, since they all referred to a dedicated
rectangular room -- a luxury which I don't have.
        The space will basically look like here
are metric). As you can see there is an unmovable column there which
is a bit disturbing. The height of the room is about 2.2 meters.
        I was thinking of fitting in the system in the manner depicted
in here < The
green boxes are the front speakers, the red box is the center speaker,
which I plan to place below the drop-down screen (blue in the
diagram). The purple boxes are the surround speakers.
        My guidelines for the placement were: 1. screen width for a
viewing angle of at least 36 degrees; 2. front speaker angle of 45-60
degrees (I was able to get 54.4 degrees).
        There are some things which bother me with this placement
(besides the practical problems, such as having a screen in the middle
of the room):
        1. The spectators will have a nearby wall on their left and an
open space on their right. Would such a situation not create a
confusing sound stage, with uneven reverberations on the two sides?
Can this be fixed with some kind of a movable partition which will
function like a "sound mirror" to even up the reverberations?
        2. The front speakers will probably be wider apart than the
surround speakers. Is this okay?
        3. The front-left speaker is positioned in one line with the
wall, in a way (see
Would this cause partial obstruction of the sound from this speaker?
Will this harm the front audio image? I can reposition/remove the
dashed part of the wall, will this improve the situation?
        4. How problematic is this room acoustically? I couldn't
figure out how to calculate standing waves (nulls and peaks) for the
listening area in such a room.
        5. What kind of acoustic treatment should I use?
        I would appreciate any feedback whatsoever, concerning the
questions above or not.
                                            Thanks a lot in advance!
My electronic mail address is at domain. Account name in
the domain is "sagsagman".

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