$500 Sub-Sat System???

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Want new speakers for music and movies.
16'-0" square living room.
Considering these systems:

1.)  Infinity TSS-750 (a little bright on the high's)

2.)  Polk RM6800 (nice sounding, good midrange)

3.)  Athena Micra 6 (haven't heard yet - no dealers in area)

4.)  Paradigm Cinema 70CT (same or little better than the Polks)

Any others I should consider?

Re: $500 Sub-Sat System???

Forgot to add that I'm using a Yamaha HTR5560 receiver.

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Re: $500 Sub-Sat System???

Tom C. wrote:

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Do you have a Bestbuy in your area?  They've become an authorized dealer for
Athena.  Depending where you are, they may have micra 6s in stock.

Bill K

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