5.1 from 7.1 receiver?

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I am shopping for a home theater receiver.  The open space in my home
can really only support 2 remote speakers.  So, 5.1 sounds like a good
fit for me.  Unfortunately, all of the new receivers being sold are 6.1
or 7.1.  Can the newer 7.1 systems operate in 5.1 mode?

Re: 5.1 from 7.1 receiver?

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Absolutely they can.  Just because a receiver has speaker outputs for seven
speakers doesn't mean you have to use all of them.  You'd have speaker wire
going into all the speaker outputs on your receiver, except for the ones
labelled "Rear Surround".  Get the 7.1 receiver; you'll be glad you did if
you ever wish to upgrade from five to seven speakers plus subwoofer.


Re: 5.1 from 7.1 receiver?

Or, you can wire the reciever up as 5.1 and use the other two of the
7.1 channels for a second zone, like your back deck, or maybe the
kitchen. If the reciever is wired for it, it'll operate two zones
independent of each other. Someone can be watching a DVD in the living
room while the people on the back deck are listening to a cd or the

Makes for a usable option.

Re: 5.1 from 7.1 receiver?

quallsbill@yahoo.com wrote:
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Yep, as others have said, no problem.

I just added a 7.1 channel Harman Kardon to my room and I only have 5.1
setup.  Works just fine.

Re: 5.1 from 7.1 receiver?

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 02:33:05 -0400, Patrick L. Parks wrote:

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I also have a 5.1 (JBL Cinema ProPackô 600II) speaker setup and just
bought a 7.1 Pioneer VSX-516-K receiver.
Now my question, how do I hook up my subwoofer since it is not self
powered? The only thing I see for hooking up a sub is if it is self
powered. The manual that came with it doesn't address 5.1. only 6.1 and
I know this is an old thread, but I checked and it looks like this is
still an active group. Please help me here.

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