19" LCD Projection Through Reflection

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The purpose of this topic is to gather ideas and share ideas about
possibly reflecting and projecting a > 19" LCD to somewhere around

I am a new bee to the topic of DIY Projector and just started to read
about a few DIY Projection threads available on the net and saw some
interesting projects. In a nut shell you end up opening up your
existing LCD and putting a light source on one end and a mirror and a
lance on the other end and wala you are set with some projection. Also
most of those discussion have a 17" LCD or smaller size and not get the
benefit of high resolution image typically (1280x1024, 1600x1200, etc.

I am interested in finding out ways to not have to open your existing
LCD and figuring out a way to reflect the image on your LCD to a mirror
and then some how see if the laws of physics and optics even allow a
projection of such reflected mirror image.

Please share your wisdom and knowledge, your input is always
Thanks in advance.


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