X10 WiFi hub

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Does anyone have experience with the new X10 WiFi hub WM100 (https://www.x1

Besides general impressions, I am particularly interested in knowing whethe
r it needs connection to a remote server. (The description claims you can c
ontrol devices from your phone "anywhere you have internet access," but the
 product manual does not describe setting up an account anywhere.)

I would also like to know whether it has an API that would allow programmin
g from elsewhere than the phone app.

X10 WiFi hub
I need help, I have several X10 wall switches, and  an appliance module, I  
purchased a WM100 WiFi  module, I installed it but when I tried to use it,  
the WM100 responds but my light switches and apllisnce module doesn?
?t do anything, do I have to buy something else

Re: X10 WiFi hub
On Thu, 1 Feb 2018 18:16:17 -0800 (PST), ansmikal@gmail.com wrote:

Is the WM100 configured properly?  My first thought is that the house
code is set incorectly, but that is just a guess.

Re: X10 WiFi hub
realmente no es necesario ningun dispositivo adicional deberia funcionar co
rrectamente , sin envargo debe existir  o el modulo de seguridad o el dispo
sitivo que le permite utilizar los controles remotos , eso ayudaria

el modulo wi fi hub

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