X10 WiFi hub

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Does anyone have experience with the new X10 WiFi hub WM100 (https://www.x1

Besides general impressions, I am particularly interested in knowing whethe
r it needs connection to a remote server. (The description claims you can c
ontrol devices from your phone "anywhere you have internet access," but the
 product manual does not describe setting up an account anywhere.)

I would also like to know whether it has an API that would allow programmin
g from elsewhere than the phone app.

X10 WiFi hub
I need help, I have several X10 wall switches, and  an appliance module, I  
purchased a WM100 WiFi  module, I installed it but when I tried to use it,  
the WM100 responds but my light switches and apllisnce module doesn?
?t do anything, do I have to buy something else

Re: X10 WiFi hub
On Thu, 1 Feb 2018 18:16:17 -0800 (PST), ansmikal@gmail.com wrote:

Is the WM100 configured properly?  My first thought is that the house
code is set incorectly, but that is just a guess.

Re: X10 WiFi hub
realmente no es necesario ningun dispositivo adicional deberia funcionar co
rrectamente , sin envargo debe existir  o el modulo de seguridad o el dispo
sitivo que le permite utilizar los controles remotos , eso ayudaria

el modulo wi fi hub

Re: X10 WiFi hub
I just got my X10 wifi hub and does not want to connect to my IPhone8 but gladly connects to my Android device
Anybody know why

X10 WiFi hub
It could also be the house circuit issue. Does it work if your dryer or stove is on? If it does there are components that allow the command signal to cross from one 120 v to the other in you house wiring.  

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