X-10 Wall Switch Pushbutton Repair

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Hey everybody.  I used to be very active on this group, but I have not post
ed in many years.  I think we have all dealt with X-10 wall switches with b
ad pushbuttons (the WS-467 variety), and after collecting a few bad switche
s I decided to figure out a more robust repair.  This involves using a stan
dard tactile pushbutton switch in the place of the flimsy metal spring in t
he original design.

Here is a write-up:

FYI, My Home Automation system components are here:

- Dr. Edward Cheung

Re: X-10 Wall Switch Pushbutton Repair
On 11/6/2016 8:19 AM, Beaver wrote:
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Good to see someone posting here.  I check it daily.  I think most  
people have gotten away from Usenet, unfortunately.  But I guess the  
true dinosaurs still lurk here.  I have read many of your articles and I  
still use X10 stuff everywhere in my house.  I even used a whole house  
code for Halloween stuff in front of my house.  I tried to use one of  
the so called Powerflash modules to send an X10 signal whenever someone  
gets between the sensors in front.  This turns on other stuff and alerts  
me in the house.  I've found the Powerflash module to be highly  
unreliable.  I've finally dumped it and have gone to a outlet box module  
(XPT3) to send an X10 signal when a low voltage connection is made. It  
works well.

Re: X-10 Wall Switch Pushbutton Repair
On Monday, November 7, 2016 at 8:01:10 AM UTC-5, Art Todesco wrote:
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Yes, I can see the traffic has dropped considerably from years ago.  I reme
mber you Art from the days when was active.  I have not changed my system m
uch so I turned to other hobbies.  After 20+ years the whole family uses th
e system without thinking much about it.  All the best.

- Dr. Edward Cheung

Re: X-10 Wall Switch Pushbutton Repair

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Thanks for the tip!

The switches I have problems with are the Icon ones with the small
button switch, that corrodes over time in damp areas like bathrooms.
I've got a couple of those I need to tear apart and find replacement
switches for.

A lot of my house is still basic X-10 devices.  I was just looking at
the date of my first HomeSeer license and was surprised at how long
some of this stuff has been in operation. :)

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